Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Telenor Selects Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi for IPTV in Sweden

Telenor's Bredbandsbolaget division has selected Ruckus Wireless' Smart Wi-Fi 802.11g systems for the wireless distribution of its IPTV service to subscriber homes throughout Sweden. The Ruckus MediaFlex systems are being made available to consumers in Sweden through Telenor retail outlets, and can be self-installed by subscribers.

Bredbandsbolaget is a leading provider of broadband services in Sweden with over 450,000 broadband customers. The company operates an all-IP network providing customers with LAN access of up to 100 Mbps and DSL access up to 24 Mbps. It provides a wide range of digital media services such as video on demand, IPTV, music downloads, virtual storage, security services, gaming services, etc. Telenor currently offers standard definition IPTV channels, each with a data rate of approximately 3.5 Mbps. A single Ruckus MediaFlex system can support five or more MPEG-4 standard definition multicast IPTV streams simultaneously being transmitted to different TVs within the home. The Ruckus MediaFlex 802.11g system will also support two HD (MPEG-4) IPTV streams concurrently.


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