Sunday, March 2, 2008

Siemens Launches OpenScape Unified Communications Server, Video

Following its strategic realignment last week aimed at transforming itself into a software-oriented company, Siemens Communications launched a new unified communications software platform called "OpenScape" Unified Communications (UC) Server. The OpenScape UC Server suite initially includes OpenScape Voice Application (HiPath 8000 V3.1 R2, enterprise grade voice and IP least cost routing), OpenScape Video (integrated HD, desktop and client video conferencing) and OpenScape UC Application V3 (role-based UC).

Siemens said its approach is designed with openness in mind. Its OpenScape UC Server can operate in virtually any existing IT or telephony environment, including IP telephony or legacy PBX telephony environments from Siemens or any other vendor.

The OpenScape UC Server uses a SIP foundation to enable presence, administration, session control and other shared services for the current and planned family of OpenScape UC suite of applications. New modular capabilities are enabled by simply activating the desired license keys on a user-by-user basis. The existing HiPath 8000 and HiPath OpenExchange applications (OpenScape Voice) have been redesigned to run natively on the OpenScape UC Server for enterprise voice and IP least cost routing. The OpenScape UC suite of applications operate in multi-vendor environments and integrate with complementary offerings including IBM Sametime, Microsoft Office Communication Server and various others.

OpenScape UC Server will be available in three versions.

The Medium Edition (ME) configuration is a single server solution with optional redundancy for up to 1,000 users.

The Large Edition (LE) is a multi-server configuration for up to 100,000 users (with full UC functionality for up to 20,000 users and basic UC functionality for up to 100,000 users).

The Hosted Edition (HE) contains additional application components to support the unique requirements of service providers and hosting organizations.

Siemens is introducing a new, redesigned version of its OpenScape UC Application as one of the licensable offerings for the Siemens OpenScape UC Server. The enhanced OpenScape UC Application V3 can now be deployed on virtually any telephony or IT environment, works with any vendor's IP or legacy telephony platform, and integrates with nearly any IT and IM environment.

Siemens also announced OpenScape Video, a unified video conferencing solution integrating high-definition (HD) video, desktop PC video, voice and presence into a single powerful communication environment. OpenScape Video can be integrated with the OpenScape UC Server enabling video and voice endpoints to easily participate in the same conference calls and use the same directory and call numbering plans. The video conferencing solution also functions on a standalone basis, offering enterprises a migration to HD Video over IP.

The new OpenScape Video portfolio includes three HD systems and a PC soft clien. VHD 600 includes an HD camera, a CD-quality conference phone and a codec that can bridge up to six parties on a video conference call. VHD 400 includes the same components as the VHD 600, but for bridging four parties, and VHD 100 is a single, point-to-point solution to enable one-to-one calls or for the user to join a conference hosted on a VHD 600, VHD 400 or a third-party video bridge. The OpenScape UC application desktop client is a video-enabled soft client.