Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sandvine Introduces Policy Control Platform for Mobile Operators

Sandvine introduced a service control platform for tier-1 mobile operators with high subscriber counts, wireless specific protocols and subscriber mobility.

Sandvine said its new PTS 14700 enables visibility into subscriber data trends and consumption and opens the door to new customized services such as quota management, value-based billing, advice-of-charge, and content zones that facilitate and encourage more mobile data usage.

The PTS 14700 provides capacity to manage 5 million subscribers on a single platform and can be configured in clusters for even higher performance. It offer a range of policy capabilities, including: advanced usage-based services, advice-of-charge notices prior to usage, automatic network protection from DoS attacks, spam Trojans and other malicious activity, and business intelligence. Other platform highlights include:

  • n: n+1 redundancy;

  • Centralized policy management including advanced GUI configuration;

  • Support for data link building blocks of 1, 4, 6, and 10 GE;

  • Protocol support for wireless networks including IP in IP, GRE, VLAN, MPLS, L2TP and GTP tunnels; and,

  • Integrates with standards-based (IMS, TISPAN) and pre-standard architectures.