Monday, March 17, 2008

RadiSys Convedia Media Server Offers N+1 Media Processing Card Redundancy

RadiSys' Convedia CMS-9000 media server now offers N+1 media processing card (MPC) redundancy. RadiSys said this unique fault-tolerant capability on Convedia media servers enables a higher level of reliability for conferencing service providers (CSPs) and enterprises. The feature is also available on the CMS-6000 media server with certain media processing card models. When a rare error or problem is detected on any media processing card within a redundancy group of N cards, all conference participants and associated settings are automatically switched over to a standby media processing card. The hundreds of CSP customers that would normally be impacted without this feature, regardless of location, will now be unaware that anything has taken place.

In 2003, RadiSys introduced the industry's first 1+1 fault-tolerant redundancy across system control cards. This capability allowed a standby System Control Card (SCC) to seamlessly take over from a rare active SCC card failure, without impacting calls in service.

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