Monday, March 17, 2008

Orange Business Services Launches Mobile Office in the U.S.

Orange Business Services is launching Mobile Office, a suite of enterprise mobility management tools and capabilities, in the U.S. Mobile Office, which complements Orange's Business Everywhere suite of mobility solutions, is one of the first integrated PC and PDA offerings available on the market today, encompassing:

  • mobility access -- network access client software with broadband wireless access for laptops and managed push-mail for PDAs;

  • mobile device security & management -- auto-inventory of mobility devices, software detection, compliance check, patch distribution and the ability to remotely shut down errant or unauthorized devices;

  • mobile device deployment -- centralized management over staging, mobility software installation, deployment and device certification;

  • mobile infrastructure management -- U.S. help desk support for end-users, integrated portal interface for PDAs and laptops and dispatch and standard/ad-hoc reporting.

Orange said the launch of Mobile Office is an important step in its into the growing U.S. mobile enterprise market.

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