Sunday, March 23, 2008

NTT America to Deliver IPv6 for The Planet

NTT America will deliver IPv6 connectivity for The Planet, which provides web hosting for more than 22,000 customers and 6.7 million web sites. Development on the project begins immediately, and The Planet expects to announce availability in late 2008.

By adding NTT America's IPv6 transit to The Planet network, The Planet will be able to offer each hosting customer a dual-stack approach for using both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously.

The NTT Communications Group provides IPv6 Gateway services that are available globally and allow enterprises to connect to the world's only commercial-grade Global Tier One IPv6 Backbone operating in four continents- North America, Europe, Asia and Australia-and serving thousands of customers. In addition, NTT has improved upon the inherent security features of IPv6 with the creation of its IntelliSecurity IPv6 Managed Firewall solution.