Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nortel Debuts Video Services Platform

Nortel introduced its Video Services Platform (VSP) 9500 -- a new platform which facilitates the rapid introduction of new services on a video or IPTV network using an open application model based on SOA and web service APIs. The new VSP leverages an open framework and the IBM WebSphere architecture to enable applications in a variety of middleware environments. The technology creates an abstraction layer between the applications and the network, enabling device independent delivery of numerous web services.

Initially, Nortel will provide a Communications Module that delivers onscreen calling notifications (incoming CallerID, SMS alerts, voicemail alerts, etc) for IPTV users. Nortel is also developing future modules for the platform to enable applications such as interactive advertising, on-line yellow pages with click-to-call functionality or social networking tie-ins to popular TV shows. Because of the open interfaces these types of new applications could be created by third party developers or by service providers themselves. The platform integrates with IMS and pre-IMS infrastructure.

Nortel said the VSP solution is already being embraced by a number of tier-one operators with trials being conducted around the globe. In the US, Grafton Technologies, a triple-play provider in Jersey County, Illinois, is deploying the new video solution over their existing voice and data network.