Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Motorola Introduces Tri-Radio 802.11n Access Poin

Motorola's Enterprise Mobility business introduced a tri-radio 802.11n access point (AP) featuring Motorola's new adaptive AP architecture. The unique tri-radio design integrates three 802.11n radios that simultaneously support high-speed client access, mesh backhaul and dedicated dual-band intrusion protection for enabling the all-wireless enterprise. Using an expansion slot, the third radio can be field upgraded to enable 3G/4G technologies like WiMAX for primary or redundant WAN connectivity.

The AP-7131 also features advanced intrusion protection capabilities. Motorola said traditional solutions time-slice the radio for both access and intrusion protection, limiting 802.11n performance and security capabilities. The new AP-7131 with the third radio eliminates the need for time-slicing or the need for a dedicated sensor AP for security thus reducing the cost of secure and manageable deployments. The AP uses a fully Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS2)-compliant chipset, a fast MIPS network processor with hardware-accelerated encryption and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.http://www.motorola.com/AP7131