Monday, March 17, 2008

Motorola and Avail Media Partner on MPEG-4 Content Aggregation

Avail Media is working with Motorola to deliver a combination of equipment and services that will enable IPTV service providers in North America to rapidly launch new entertainment services over their high speed data networks.

"MWAVE" ("MPEG-4 Wide Area Video Entertainment") is capable of transporting Avail Media's more than 200 standard definition (SD) channels and more than 20 channels of high definition (HD). The content distribution is provided via Avail Media's Avail Connect service, which originates at Avail Media's super headend uplinks in Hagerstown, Maryland, and Toronto, Canada. Avail Media's service is combined with elements of Motorola's IPTV portfolio, including set-tops, encoders, systems integration services, and program management for video hub office components, including third-party middleware and digital rights management.

The companies said service providers adopting MWAVE need only construct their local video hub offices where local content, such as off-air channels, public, educational, and government (PEG) channels, and emergency alert services are merged with the supplied national linear channels to construct a comprehensive channel lineup. To accelerate network build-outs, Motorola offers "pre- packaged" video hub offices so that fully-configured and compatible equipment can be integrated and deployed rapidly in service provider serving areas to offer service in customers' targeted communities.

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