Tuesday, March 25, 2008

mimoOn GmbH Demos 3GPP LTE on Software Defined Radio Platforms

mimoOn GmbH announced the implementation of an end-to-end LTE software solution. The company said its platforms offer the high processing power required for LTE, but instead of using high clock frequencies, use parallel processing technology in order to keep power consumption low. The software solution also offers key features such as reconfigurability, which is key for supporting legacy mobile standards such as 3G and 2G whilst LTE evolves. The mimoOn SDR LTE platform supports the optional features of LTE, and it is future-proof and scalable to meet the processing requirements of future releases such as Advanced LTE and MIMO in the uplink.

mimoOn offers two versions of its SDR LTE product: one customized for base stations, picocells, and femtocells; and the other for client devices such as data cards, mobile phones, wireless modules and wireless modems. http://www.mimoOn.de