Sunday, March 30, 2008

Juniper Networks Debuts Mobile Backhaul Solution

Juniper Networks introduced a mobile backhaul solution for addressing the growth of data traffic in mobile networks. The new product set consists of the BX 7000 Multi-Access Gateway for the cell site and new M-series Circuit Emulation Physical Interface Cards (PICs) for the aggregation site, along with enhancements to the JUNOScope framework for network management.

The BX 7000 Multi-Access Gateway transports TDM and ATM circuits to the cell site over an IP/MPLS connection using MPLS pseudowires. It will feature a unique timing expansion module that protects network investments and provides a wide range of timing synchronization options by allowing customers to replace clocking modules as technologies and network requirements evolve. Additionally, the BX 7000 provides an expansion slot that will offer flexibility for backhaul network uplinks. The BX 7000 also includes a zero-touch deployment capability, allowing for automatic configuration of the system upon physical installation.

Juniper said that by deploying the BX 7000, mobile operators can retain their existing investments in 2G and 3G cell sites, while realizing the operational benefits of IP/MPLS-based transport. Services can be migrated gradually, for example, by offloading the high-growth data transport as a first step.

Juniper is also introducing new Circuit Emulation PICs for the M-series routers. Mobile operators can deploy the M-series with the new Circuit Emulation PICs as highly efficient and scalable aggregation site gateways. When combined with the BX 7000, this creates an end-to-end mobile backhaul network that fully leverages the converged IP/MPLS network.

The BX 7000 and M-series Circuit Emulation PICs are expected to be generally available in Q4 2008.