Monday, March 17, 2008

Juniper Integrates ScreenOS Security into JUNOS 9.0

Juniper Networks has integrated security services from its ScreenOS software into its JUNOS 9.0 software for implementation on its J-series services routers. The additional capabilities offer network administrators the ability to leverage the coupling of routing and security to manage their networks more effectively.

The J-series services router function as a branch office services delivery platform integrating routing, security, and other services including VoIP. Among the capabilities of running JUNOS 9.0 are:

  • high-performance firewall capabilities based on ScreenOS, including zones, policies, and application-layer gateway support to secure both critical information and the network from external threats and denial-of-service attacks;

  • Simplified configuration for IPSec VPN supporting secure connectivity over a variety of public networks, allowing flexibility in network design and the ability to optimize for cost or performance; and

  • Chassis clustering that enables stateful device and services failover with an active/backup control plane and active/active data plane, all within a single system view, delivering continuity by maintaining high availability and systems-level resiliency for networks.

JUNOS 9.0 software with integrated security services for the J-series services routers is currently available. JUNOS 9.0 software is also available for the T-series and M-series routers, the MX-series Ethernet services router, and the EX-series Ethernet switches.

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