Sunday, March 23, 2008

Infinera Extends Just-in-TAM Program to 40 Gbps Module

Infinera extended its "Just-in-TAM" program to its 40 Gigabit Tributary Adapter Module (TAM). The Just-in-TAM program, introduced last year, is an Infinera commitment to ship most TAM modules anywhere in the world within ten days of receipt of customer order. Infinera said this enables record turn-up time by its customers for most services.

TAM modules slot into Infinera line cards at the endpoints of a circuit in an Infinera network. Installation of the TAMs, combined with software configuration of the circuit through the network, enables very fast turn-up of circuits and services in an Infinera network.

Infinera's 40 Gbps TAM, which has been available since last year, uses Infinera's Digital Virtual Concatenation (DVC) to map a 40 Gbps service over four 10 Gbps wavelengths, enabling 40 Gbps services to be offered over any fiber plant capable of supporting 10 Gbps services today.