Wednesday, March 5, 2008

HP Labs Refocuses on Five Key Areas

HP has sharpened the focus of its advanced research group, HP Labs, to address five key areas:

  • Information explosion: Acquiring, analyzing and delivering the right information to individuals and businesses so they can act on it.

  • Dynamic cloud services: Developing web platforms and cloud services that are dynamically personalized based on an individual's location, preferences, calendar and communities.

  • Content transformation: Enabling the fluid transformation of content from analog to digital, from device to device, and from digital content to physical products.

  • Intelligent infrastructure: Designing smarter, more secure devices, networks and scalable architectures that work together to connect individuals and businesses to rich, dynamic content and services.

  • Sustainability: Creating technologies, IT infrastructure and new business models for the lower carbon economy that save money and leave a lighter footprint on the environment.

HP said the changes are intended to address a major shift taking place in the IT industry, which it calls "Everything as a Service." This view asserts that the IT industry is moving toward a model in which a new category of dynamic cloud services are personalized and aware of the user's context, including location, preferences, calendar and communities. HP is making investments across its businesses to help lead this industry shift.

HP Labs currently consists of 23 distinct labs across seven worldwide locations.

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