Monday, March 3, 2008

Firetide Supplies Wireless Mesh Nodes for Seoul Cities

Firetide has supplied its wireless mesh solution for Seoul City's Cheonggye waterway, a major urban renewal project in Korea. The Cheonggye waterway restoration project, which was completed in 2005, was a major undertaking as decades of neglect and development left the steam dry, diminishing its status to that of underground sewer. The elevated highway that covered the stream since 1968 also had to be removed. Now the restored six kilometer waterway is the site of an eco-friendly urban park in the heart of the downtown.

The new public access network serving this park was designed and installed by Samsung SDS, Korea's largest IT systems integrator. The project includes a total of 22 Firetide HotPort mesh nodes and 11 Firetide HotPoint access points.

The Firetide wireless network supports diverse applications including visitor information beamed on to rented PDAs, public video surveillance and underwater video cameras for monitoring wildlife in the stream.