Monday, March 17, 2008

Extreme Networks Boosts VoIP Security Tools

Extreme Networks announced enhancements to its network solutions that provide behavior-based rules to protect IP telephony and VoIP traffic. These security rules help mitigate the threat of malicious users and hackers who are actively trying to exploit vulnerabilities and breach the IP communications network. A packaged set of these rules is available now for Extreme Networks Sentriant security appliance. These rules help to simplify management tasks and better protect VoIP gateways, SIP servers and VoIP phones.

Extreme Networks' Sentriant NG is a post-admission control appliance that is not physically in-line with the network and so does not add latency nor provide an additional point-of-failure. The appliance monitors network traffic using built-in rules to identify anomalous behavior. The new rules specifically help protect VoIP infrastructure.


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