Monday, March 3, 2008

Deutsche Telekom Trims Prices

Deutsche Telekom announced tariff reductions for somes of its fixed-line and mobile services, including up to 17% cut for certain "Entertain" IPTV packages and new new flat rates for voice telephony and mobile Internet from T-Mobile.

Max tariffs allow T-Mobile customers to talk on the phone as much as they want with flat rates. Max L is the first tariff to offer a 79.95-euro monthly flat rate to call any German fixed-line or mobile network. For 14.95 euros, the Max S tariff offers customers a flat rate for the German fixed-line network. A flat rate for unlimited mobile surfing rounds out the range of tariffs: The web'n'walk HandyFlat tariff costs 9.95 euros per month. web'n'walk L, the equivalent product for surfing with a laptop has a monthly fee of 34.95 euros.