Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CommuniGate Launches UC Suite with HD Media on Adobe AIR

CommuniGate Systems, a start-up based in Mill Valley, California, announced the availability of Pronto! 2.0 unified communications platform featuring a lightweight client interface built with Adobe Flex 3, deployed in the browser with Adobe Flash Player and to the desktop with Adobe AIR.

CommuniGate's Pronto! 2.0 brings together email, voice, messaging, and groupware along with high definition multimedia entertainment applications. With Pronto! 2.0, users can chat with friends, send email, place a VoIP call, catch up on their favorite HDTV show, stream HD radio, etc. -- all from with-in the customizable Web browser interface.

Delivered to the browser through Adobe Flash Player, users can access all their communication and media services all from their home computer, business laptop, and even public computers at an Internet Café.

Additionally, Pronto! 2.0 utilizes the power of Adobe AIR, which enables web developers to extend rich Internet applications to the desktop. Users can open separate windows for Pronto! functions, including IM, calendars, email, and voice, to configure the desktop that works for them. Pronto! 2.0 supports drag-and-drop operations for a more familiar and natural way to save and add attachments from email.

Media capabilities include H.264 and AAC codecs supporting HD video n Adobe Flash Player 9 and AIR. Network operators could use Flash Media Interactive Servers along with CommuniGate Pro's server APIs and plugins to deliver licensed content from a variety of providers using the same browser suite.