Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ceragon Unveils Wireless Ethernet Platform Supporting TDM

Ceragon Networks introduced a new family of carrier-grade wireless Ethernet platforms that combine advanced IP and TDM networking. The new, versatile FibeAir IP-10 family features an integrated Ethernet switch, optional stackable radios with TDM cross-connect for nodal site applications, and advanced service management and Operation Administration & Maintenance (OAM) tools. It offers a capacity range of 10Mbps to 500Mbps over one radio carrier, using a single RF unit, across the entire licensed frequency spectrum - from 6GHz to 38GHz.

In addition, FibeAir IP-10 incorporates Ceragon's Native2 concept to support a native TDM and native Ethernet hybrid architecture - as well as all-IP and pseudowire architectures.

The FibeAir IP-10 family builds on the wide experience gained with Ceragon's FibeAir IP-MAX solutions family which will continue to serve private network and other applications. FibeAir IP-10 solutions will be available in both Native2 and Native Ethernet variants. First commercial release will be available during Q2 2008. http://www.ceragon.com

Migration-Ready Mobile Backhaul Networks with High-capacity Microwave

Mobile networks, which today
are based almost entirely on TDM, will gradually become all-IP/Ethernet.
But what is the best migration strategy for getting there? Can
Point-to-Point Microwave support this migration path?