Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AudioCodes Media Gateways Deployed by Global Crossing

Global Crossing has selected the AudioCodes Mediant 3000, Mediant 2000 and Mediant 1000 digital VoIP Media Gateways and MediaPack analog VoIP Media Gateways as trunking and enterprise access gateways in Latin America.

Global Crossing is providing telephony services to enterprises and carrier peering and has deployed the Mediant 3000 and Mediant 2000 for trunking applications to connect its VoIP network with internal and peering PSTN networks. Audiocodes said its gateway platforms provide the flexibility to be controlled by a third party softswitch using MEGACO call control. In addition, Global Crossing is using the Mediant 3000 for enterprise aggregation, whereby multiple enterprises are connected via TDM trunks to the Mediant 3000, which in turn provides SIP interworking towards the IP backbone.

The Mediant 1000 and MediaPack gateways are deployed within enterprises and connect legacy PBXs via SIP trunks to the Global Crossing VoIP network. The Mediant 1000 and MediaPack gateways provide extensive interoperability with multiple vendor PBXs, making them a natural choice for this enterprise SIP trunking application.