Sunday, March 30, 2008

AT&T Cites $1 Billion Infrastructure Upgrades in California

By the end of this year, AT&T will have invested more than $1 billion as part of the first phase of its network upgrade adding more fiber-optics to bring advanced services to California. AT&T made the announcement on the one year anniversary of receiving its state-issued authorization to provide video service. Currently, customers in parts of more than 140 cities and counties across California have access to AT&T U-verse services. The company has added close to 900 jobs in the state, and plans to add up to 1,000 jobs this year. Over the past two years, AT&T has added more than 450 Remote Terminals and 30 DSLAMs to its California network. In addition, the company has added close to 4,000 new route miles of fiber to its California network over this same period, bringing the total to more than 31,000 miles -- making it the state's largest.

On it wireless network, AT&T has added more than 550 new and acquired cell sites in California over the past two years alone. 3G service is currently available in more than 400 cities throughout the state. In 2008, AT&T plans to invest more than $400 million in its California wireless network to continue to improve service and bring advanced wireless services to more customers across the state.

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