Monday, February 4, 2008

Vitesse Embeds Waveform Viewing in ICs

Vitesse Semiconductor introduced new technology that embeds the oscilloscope function into the receiver of ICs used in communication systems, thus offering direct viewing of signal characteristics similar to traditional lab oscilloscopes.

Vitesse's "VScope" is a patented Integrated Circuit (IC) based waveform viewing technology that provides an emdeded signal analysis tool that can be remotely monitored through network connections. Vitesse said VScope leapfrogs current signal integrity methods to scan the input data eye within the chip itself and produces the industry's first offering of true in-line imaging of the real-time data stream on a per-pin basis.

Vitesse's VScope data acquisition architecture uses dual adjustable sampling channels for simultaneously receiving and scanning. The company said VScope delivers superior accuracy over external measurement methods because it reflects the true behavior of the data stream as it is captured, thus avoiding correlation errors between the measurement circuitry and live data path. Post-equalizer scanning, made possible with VScope, delivers an unobstructed view of the internal IC signal compared to oscilloscopes that offer only an extrapolated view of signals from outside the chip.

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