Sunday, February 3, 2008

NFL Network Leverages Signiant's Digital Media Distribution Solution

The NFL Network has deployed Signiant's digital media distribution technology to transfer game footage for broadcast on weekly highlight shows including the NFL Replay. The NFL broadcasts up to sixteen games per week, with each game averaging more than three hours in length. That adds up to nearly 50 hours of footage that needs to be reviewed, bookmarked, filed, retrieved and edited into NFL Replay, a 90-minute highlights program. Using Signiant, NFL Films footage from each game can be uploaded to a secure, shared, digital storage folder, where they can then be reviewed and edited by NFL Network employees. These clips are then securely sent across a high-speed WAN.

For NFL Replay, game highlights are transferred from NFL Films to NFL Network in California where, with a four-hour turnaround deadline, editors can then search metadata tags attached to each clip, make selections, and assemble edited sequences. The edited content is then placed in a shared access folder, where it is automatically transferred back to New Jersey for play-to-air at 7:00 pm. In many cases, the show is still being assembled at 4:30 pm.http://www.signiant.com