Wednesday, February 6, 2008

NEC and NETGEAR Team on Femtocells

NEC and NETGEAR are collaborating to develop an Integrated 3G Access Point that will be incorporated within NEC's Femtocell Solution offering. NEC provides complete end-to-end solution offering for operators that includes a 3G Femtocell Access Point, Femtocell Gateway, and Access Point Management and Provisioning System.

NETGEAR's Femtocell Voice Gateway (DVG834GH) will form a part of NEC's growing portfolio of multi-vendor Access Points based on standard interfaces. The NETGEAR DVG834GH supports Iu-over-IP and SIP interface. The Iu-over-IP interface between the Access Point and the Femtocell Gateway is derived from the existing 3GPP GAN (Generic Access Network) standard with minor extensions which are currently under consideration for standardization.

NETGEAR's DVG834GH supports a standard 3GPP compliant air interface, enabling the end user to make or receive calls using their existing 3G handset. The NETGEAR DVG834GH will interoperate with and will be managed and provisioned by the NEC Access Point Management and Provisioning system based on the TR-069 standard specifications.

NETGEAR's DVG834GH includes a residential gateway with integrated ADSL2+ modem, router, 10/100 wired LAN switch, 802.11g wireless access point, Voice over-IP (VoIP), SPI double firewall, and a 3G mobile access point based on WCDMA technology. The NETGEAR DVG834GH will enable mobile operators to extend and improve 3G coverage and capacity in a home and/or small office environment, as well as provide seamless access to advanced home networking services via the existing 3G handsets.http://www.netgear.com