Sunday, February 10, 2008

Motorola to License its WiMAX Chipset

Motorola will license its mobile WiMAX chipset based radio reference design, Motorola WTM1000 (WiMAX Terminal Modem), to third parties. As part of this program, Motorola also plans to offer essential IP licenses for Motorola's portfolio of WiMAX patents to third parties.

Motorola's WTM1000 chipset-based radio is scheduled to debut in Motorola's line-up of WiMAX mobile devices for various carriers around the world, including Sprint Xohm.

Motorola said it is taking these steps to demonstrate its commitment to WiMAX by driving penetration of the technology through module designers and manufacturers, making it accessible to a wider ecosystem of consumer electronics manufacturers.

Motorola is joined in this initiative by Enfora, which specializes in wireless networking solutions for location-based, monitoring and control and asset management applications. As Motorola's first WiMAX reference design licensee, Enfora plans to integrate the Motorola WTM1000 solution into its intelligent modules and integrated platforms that are part of its suite of eWiDE wireless networking solutions.