Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Motorola Shows its Next generation NBBS for WiMAX

Motorola unveiled its next generation NBBS device management system, enabling broadband customer premises equipment (CPE), femtocell and mobile device management for WiMAX, GSM/UMTS and CDMA operators.

Motorola's NBBS is a software platform that enables operators to remotely access, configure, and troubleshoot the full portfolio of consumer devices - including mobile phones, CPE and femtocells. The NBBS is a scaleable, carrier-grade system that manages devices, home networks and services. In addition, NBBS enables an excellent end-user experience, improving the relationship between the carrier and the subscriber.

Motorola said its new edition of the NBBS management platform includes support for the following device management protocols:

  • OMA DM - for WiMAX gateways and handsets as well as 3G handsets
  • SNMP - for cable modems and cable set-top monitoring

  • TR-069 - for DSL gateways, WiMAX gateways, VoIP and IP video

  • Telnet - for legacy CPE, firewalls, network security and devices

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