Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Motorola Announces Femtocell Family

Motorola introduced its family of femtocell solutions, including its first 3G femtocell customer premises equipment (CPE) devices. These include:

The 8000 Series -- Motorola Femtocell Access Point: is a stand-alone Femtocell with an Ethernet bridge. This product is suitable for connecting to a standard home broadband modem or an existing Wi-Fi gateway

The 8100 Series -- Motorola Femtocell Ethernet Gateway: is an integrated Femtocell access point, with a 4-port Ethernet gateway, VoIP port, USB connections, and an integrated 802-11 b/g Wi-Fi router. This enables users to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi from their computers and to the 3G cellular network via their standard 3G phone from the same integrated home gateway.

Motorola's end-to-end femtocell solution includes the Motorola NBBS platform -- Motorola's device management system.

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