Monday, February 25, 2008

Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 Integrates with Cisco WAAS

Microsoft is collaborating with Cisco to offer Windows Server 2008 with Cisco WAN optimization in a solution for branch office environments. Specifically, Cisco will embed a virtualization component within its Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) appliance family that will help customers to host Windows Server 2008 services within their existing network infrastructure for branch offices. Cisco WAAS is an application acceleration and WAN optimization solution that optimizes TCP performance.

The two companies intend for Cisco to offer Windows Server 2008 preinstalled on its new virtualized Cisco WAAS appliances that are scheduled to be available later this year.

The companies said their collaboration will enhance enterprise WAN performance by making critical Windows Server 2008 services available to remote offices through integration with Cisco's WAAS solution. This will help ensure branch end-user performance for accessing centralized data centers and applications, while efficiently deploying locally critical Windows Server 2008 services, all through a common remote IT platform.

The Windows Server 2008 services that will be offered as part of Cisco WAAS platforms initially include Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Active Directory, and Print Services.