Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mexico's Cablevision Employs SeaChange Flash Memory Servers for VOD

SeaChange announced that CABLEVISION Mexico has become the world's first digital cable television operator to deploy its flash memory storage and streaming technology. Last month, Mexico's largest digital cable operator switched on SeaChange's MediaServer Flash Memory Streamers, which is a 100-percent flash memory-based solution that completely decouples on-demand streaming from disk-based content storage.

The deployment enables CABLEVISION Mexico to push its streaming resources to the network edge, helping meet its goal of growing its centralized content library to 14,000 hours of movies and television programs.

The platform uses non-volatile flash memory (no spinning disks) and takes advantage of SeaChange's MediaCluster server architecture. SeaChange said its platform MediaCluster stripes content files across flash modules in a server and across servers in an InfiniBand connected cluster, ensuring service fault-resilience and cost-efficient scalability since only one copy of a video is ever required at a server location. Overall, flash memory runs on one-tenth the power that disks require.

SeaGate also claims its MediaCluster technology is able to extend flash memory's life expectancy by a factor of five to at least 10 years. Whereas content "write" hot spots would dramatically reduce life expectancy in any other architecture, SeaChange's MediaCluster eliminates write hot spots by load-balancing content "writes" across all flash modules in a server, and across all servers in a cluster.http://www.schange.com

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