Sunday, February 24, 2008

JDSU Introduces 10 Gbps Stressed Receiver Sensitivity (SRS)

JDSU introduced stressed receiver sensitivity (SRS) functionality to its TestPoint 10Gbps product line. Stressed receiver sensitivity is IEEE's requirement for 10 GigE receivers to function properly in the presence of optical signals that contain impairment such as vertical eye closure and jitter.

The JDSU TestPoint 10Gbps with SRS tests a receiver's compliance to the standard, supporting both unframed and framed test patterns (with SRS it provides transponder testing in unframed environments and system and line card testing in framed protocol environments).

JDSU noted that additional features of its TestPoint 10Gbps include support for nine line rates, including 10 GigE LAN/WAN, 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel, and six OTN line rates; a factory-calibrated, one-box solution with a built-in self-test procedure, simplifying test setup and enabling users to focus on running tests as opposed to calibrating the equipment; and adjustable signal parameters and impairment parameters for in-depth analysis of the device under test (DUT).