Monday, February 25, 2008

Ixia's iSimCity Targets City-scale Triple Play Testing

Ixia opened "iSimCity," a proof-of-concept (PoC) lab capable of conducting city-scale testing of high performance, converged multi-play networks.

The new facility in Santa Clara, California, allows customers to access thousands of test ports and aggregate traffic in the range of 10-100 Gbps, emulate hundreds of thousands of subscribers/users and generate millions of routes with thousands of routing peers. They also can conduct system testing by emulating dozens of infrastructure servers, including load balancers, denial of service defenders, switches, routers, video servers, SIP proxies, and DNS and DHCP servers.

The iSimCity lab provides the ability to emulate fully-loaded IPTV networks with 100's of thousands of concurrent users. QoS and QoE can be measured for each service delivered, while running various "what-if" scenarios. The facility has already been used to test a 384-port Gigabit Ethernet switch from Force10 Networks.

In addition to the latest Ixia test boxes, modules and applications at iSimCity, Ixia will provide expert test methodologies and consulting services.

Ixia said network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises often request proof-of-concept demonstrations, at scale, before they will commit to purchasing test applications and equipment. Both test hardware and software must function with the devices tested.

"Our goal is to provide carrier grade scale with real-world network emulation that will provide quick proof to our customers that Ixia's test solutions are essential in getting their products and services to market more quickly," said Atul Bhatnagar, Ixia president and COO.