Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ip.access and Mavenir Partner on Femtocells Services Beyond FMC

ip.access, which supplies picocell and femtocell infrastructure solutions, is working with Mavenir Systems, a start-up specializing in service delivery network technology, to deliver new "femtozone" services for mobile phones.

The companies point to the possibility of femtocell services beyond improving mobile voice and data quality in homes . Femtocells hold the promise of enabling brand new services on mobile phones . Typical examples would include parents being able to receive SMS alerts when family members enter or depart the home, presence information updating automatically on social networking sites, and subscribers having a virtual home number which rings all mobiles, traditional phones or PC clients currently in the femtozone at home.

The partnership between the companies involves the integration of Mavenir's Femto Zone solutions, based on the Intelligent Convergence Engine (Mavenir ICE) technology, with ip.access' Oyster 3G femtocell system. Both companies' technologies are currently in trials with operators globally.http://www.ipaccess.com