Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hughes Introduces WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration Technology

Hughes Network Systems has added new WAN optimization and application acceleration capabilities to its suite of HughesNet Managed Network Services. Unlike competing solutions which typically require an additional acceleration appliance at every location or are limited to a single broadband access technology, the new capabilities are integrated into access routers at each location. Enterprise customers can set application level prioritization, a capability normally associated with leased-line MPLS networks, on more cost-effective broadband IP VPN networks.

The new HughesNet capability improves network utilization and performance of TCP applications by addressing common latency issues such as slow-start and window scaling. Sophisticated pre-fetch technology is employed to improve performance of accessing Web content while improving network bandwidth utilization through transparent data reduction, intelligent compression and multiple application prioritization levels.

Hughes said its solution is ideal for enterprises that are experiencing poor application performance on their current broadband networks, or for customers on legacy networks seeking to migrate to IP networks.