Wednesday, February 27, 2008

HomePlug and Panasonic Submit Powerline Proposal to IEEE

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance and Panasonic are hoping that the IEEE will advance their jointly-submitted proposal for the creation of an international standard for In-Home and Access powerline communication technologies. Following a vote in mid-October, the IEEE P1901 work group rejected all other proposals, leaving the HomePlug/Panasonic proposal as the only remaining proposal under consideration. The next IEEE meeting will be taking place March 5-6, 2008, in Fukuoka, Japan.

The HomePlug Alliance and Panasonic said they fully support the IEEE process and believe that the completion of an industry-wide standard will be a significant step forward for the powerline industry. The final solution recommended to the IEEE P1901 work group by HomePlug and Panasonic will be a more complete solution than was originally anticipated, and takes into account the requests of all interested parties and offers the efficiency of a single MAC with the flexibility to support both the HomePlug AV and HD-PLC PHYs.