Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hitachi and Opnext Introduce 4 x 25 Gbps Laser for 100 Gbps Interface

Hitachi and Opnext announced the first wide temperature range operation of 1310-nm 25 Gbps EA-DFB lasers for 100 Gbps Ethernet 10km single-mode fiber (SMF) application. The companies noted that a 10km SMF (single mode fiber) 100 Gbps Ethernet specification is already being discussed in the IEEE 802.3ba taskforce.

To achieve the 100 Gbps rate, Hitachi and Opnext are using four channels of 1310-nm 25 Gbps via WDM. The companies have demonstrated EA-DFB lasers operating at 25 Gbps with wavelengths of 1290-, 1310-, 1330- and 1350-nm. The 25 Gbps operation was achieved using high speed device technology which has been already confirmed in 1550-nm 40 Gbps EA-DFB lasers currently used commercially in 40 Gbps transceivers. A wide temperature range operation from 0ºC to 85ºC was also reported. This was achieved using advanced aluminum-based material system in the EA (electro-absorption) modulator section. This semiconductor material system has a temperature tolerant band-gap structure which decreases the temperature dependent performance of the modulator.