Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Exalt Announces Wireless Backhaul with Native IP and TDM

Exalt Communications, a start-up based in Campbell, California, announced the launch and general availability of its split-mount Exalt EX-s series of licensed wireless backhaul solutions.

Exalt, which was founded in 2004 by former executives at Western Multiple, developed customized silicon capable of transporting native TDM and native IP over broadband wireless links. The silicon enables software configurable channel bandwidth and modulation, thereby eliminating the need for field replaceable plug-in modules and minimizing downtime. Exalt employs highly efficient modulation at up to 128 QAM to enable the maximum possible transmission capacities over the smallest available spectrum.

The software upgradeable capacity also enables operators to follow a "pay-as-you-grow" model as they expand and modernize their networks. The family of products also offer multiple software configurable interface options, including 4xT1/E1 up to 16xT1/E1, DS3, E3, 10/100BaseT, and 1000BaseT with Ethernet networking features including advanced QoS and VLAN support.

With the addition of the new EX-s series of radios, Exalt's portfolio now covers the most popular licensed and licensed-exempt bands ranging from 2GHz to 40Ghz in three configurations: all-indoor, all-outdoor, and split-mount.

Exalt EX-s indoor units (IDU) are capacity, bandwidth, and frequency independent, and auto-configure to the correct frequency, transmission requirements, and capacity as controlled by band-specific outdoor units (ODU) in all popular FCC part 101, LMDS, and ITU/ETSI licensed bands from 6 GHZ to 40 GHz as well as license-exempt bands from 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz.

Among its applications, Exalt supplies a 4.9 GHz wireless backhaul solution for public safety and video surveillance.