Monday, February 11, 2008

Devicescape Launches Wi-Fi Connect Service for Operators, Signs Deutsch Telekom

Devicescape Software announced the launch of a new service for operators that seamlessly and automatically connects subscribers' Wi-Fi devices to any operator's and their roaming partners' Wi-Fi networks. Using Devicescape's auto-connect solution, operators can provide seamless integration of cellular and Wi-Fi services, increase the number of users and number of sessions, bring new types of devices onto their networks and reduce support costs. Significantly, Devicescape Software has signed Deutsche Telekom to make Wi-Fi access easier for T-Home and T-Mobile users.

The Devicescape Connect Service simplifies a multi-step, sometimes challenging consumer process. Devicescape said that by making access to networks seamless, more consumers will be able to use Wi-Fi for mobile access, in more sessions, driving revenue potential for operators and their roaming partners.

Setting up automated access for users involves installing Devicescape and pre-configuring each device with a unique ID. The operator can customize networks access, including access to roaming partners, for each device based on device type, subscription plan or other criteria. Once set up, devices can instantly access the appointed coverage enabling a great service experience for the subscriber.

The Devicescape service works on over 1000 different networks around the world including major paid carriers, municipal and metro nets, University and other free networks.

Devicescape also announced today a deal with Deutsche Telekom, the leading Wi-Fi provider in Germany and Europe. By partnering with Devicescape, T-Home and T-Mobile users will have automatic wireless access whenever they are within range of a T-Mobile HotSpot. See the full release, entitled "Devicescape forms Partnership with Deutsche Telekom to Bring Easy Access to a Wide Range of Wi-Fi Enabled Devices" for more information.

Under the partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the Devicescape solution will be used to expand the range of Wi-Fi devices that can have automatic access to the more than 8,000 T- Mobile hotspot locations across Germany and Europe. The Devicescape service eliminates the need for users to type in cumbersome login and password information and supports automatic login for devices with or without browsers.

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