Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Corning and Infinera to Demo Unamplified Reach of 320km

Corning and Infinera will co-host two long-haul network demonstrations at next week's OFC/NFOEC conference in San Diego.

The first demonstration will show how to significantly reduce amplification requirements and the expenses associated with building and maintaining amplifier huts. In the demonstration, Infinera's Digital Optical Networks technology will transmit and receive data over 320 kilometers (km) of Corning SMF-8 ULL fiber to demonstrate extended network reach that can eliminate two or three amplification sites traditionally required in a network with 80 or 100 kilometer spans. The long-reach capability results from the combined benefits of Infinera's Raman amplification and the ultra-low attenuation of SMF-28 ULL fiber.

Corning and Infinera will also demonstrate lower-cost dispersion compensation equipment. The Infinera DTN will transmit over six 100 kilometer spans of Corning LEAF fiber with no in-line dispersion compensation. Link dispersion compensation is achieved through a single dispersion compensation module and advanced electronic dispersion compensation in the receiver terminal on the Infinera line card. Due to the optimized dispersion of LEAF fiber, in-line dispersion compensation is not required.http://www.corning.com