Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ceragon Demonstrates PBB-TE over Microwave

Ceragon Networks will demonstrate PBB-TE (Provider Backbone Bridges -- Traffic Engineering) protection over an Adaptive Modulation packet microwave as part of the mobile backhaul interoperability event at the MPLS and Ethernet World Congress 2008, organized by EANTC and supported by the IP/MPLS Forum and the MEF in Paris, France, February 6-7, 2008.

PBB-TE makes packet networks predictable, allowing operators to efficiently manage their packet network resources and maximize their performance, while ensuring the superb QoS needed for delay sensitive, real-time services such as video and voice. The technology is seen as an upgrade path for mobile backhaul networks that today rely on TDM microwave technology.

Ceragon has already previously demonstrated MPLS over microwave.

The Ceragon demonstration uses its FibeAir IP-MAX2 platform with its unique Adaptive Modulation capabilities, offering multiple service profiles over a single radio link. The platform enables trunk based classification and fast-reroute functionality at a service level.

PBB-TE (Provider Backbone Bridge -- Traffic Engineering), also referred to as PBT (Provider Backbone Transport) is an ongoing project in IEEE standard which provides enhancements to Ethernet and supports traffic engineering within Provider Backbone Bridge Networks (P802.1ah). PBB-TE brings control to data paths within a large carrier network, enabling QoS and the ability to set aside specific paths for specific traffic types.http://www.ceragon.com

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