Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aztek Adds to its Emergency Stand Alone Switching Line

Aztek Networks has added to its line of Emergency Stand Alone (ESA) switches with a new model aimed at smaller deployments. The new Aztek Networks 5000SL.

The 5000SL, which is a single blade, lower cost version of Aztek's 5000S, ensures uninterrupted local calling capability and access to 911 emergency services for TDM-based access systems within a local calling serving area. The 5000SL communicates via the GR-303 standard and interoperates with all GR-303-based digital loop carriers (DLCs) or multi-service access platforms (MSAPs). It supports up to two GR-303 interface groups or four T1 lines.

The 5000SL continuously and passively monitors one or two GR-303 interface groups that run between access systems or line frames within a remote office and host central office switch. While in ESA mode, the 5000SL helps ensure public safety by continuously maintaining local calling capabilities and subscriber access to emergency 911 services in the event the link to the primary host switch is severed due to an accident or natural disaster.