Monday, February 25, 2008

AT&T iBuilds Bandwidth Capacity at top Carrier-neutral Hotels

AT&T is expanding capacity to deliver key services, such as long-haul private line and Managed Internet Services (MIS), in most of the 26 carrier-neutral hotels nationwide in which it has a presence. These hotels are located primarily in key metropolitan markets, such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Carrier-neutral hotels are facilities at which multiple carriers interconnect and make their telecommunications services available to their customers.

AT&T delivers an array of wholesale services in these carrier-neutral hotels, including long-haul private line for data transport services at speeds from DS3 through OC192 and dedicated high speed Internet access via MIS at port speeds from OC3-OC48 and Ethernet speeds of GigE and 10GigE.

AT&T is also introducing the first 22-state AT&T Interstate Guidebook, which lists standard rates, terms and conditions for interstate broadband services, including AT&T's award-winning SONET and Ethernet services. Customers may purchase services directly from the guidebook or may negotiate customized broadband services agreements. The company said the guidebook supports its more flexible contracting process for interstate broadband services.http://www.att.com