Monday, February 4, 2008

AT&T Announces its Technology Award Winners

AT&T named five AT&T Fellows Honor recipients and 12 Science and Technology Medalists in its technical staff who have made continual, outstanding and unique contributions to AT&T and the world through their technical and scientific achievements.

Recipients of the AT&T Fellows Honor for 2007 are:

  • Christopher Chase (Austin, Texas), for innovative and pioneering contributions to Virtual Private Network architecture and management.

  • Nicholas Duffield (Florham Park), for fundamental contributions to network measurement that have had a broad impact on AT&T and the industry.

  • Gerald Karam (Florham Park), for technical contribution and leadership in the creation and implementation of Voice XML and innovative voice services over Internet Protocol (IP).

  • Stephen North (Florham Park,), for leading research in visualization of information at large scale.

  • Walter Willinger (Florham Park), for fundamental contributions to understanding the behavior of large data networks.

The 2007 AT&T Science and Technology Medalists are:

  • Jon Barry (Tampa, Fla.), for technical innovation and outstanding contributions to AT&T remote access services.

  • Pierre Costa (Austin, Texas), for technical contribution in the field of video research, design and quality-evaluation techniques.

  • David Gibbon (Middletown, N.J.), for outstanding technical leadership in the field of video and multimedia processing and digital content management.

  • Karrie J. Hanson (Florham Park), for sustained technical innovation of Web-based communications services.

  • Balachander Krishnamurthy (Florham Park), for technical leadership and innovation in helping to establish disciplined Internet and Web measurement.

  • Richard T. Kwapniewski (Middletown, N.J.), for outstanding technical contributions to the introduction of IP version 6 technology and for
    sustained technical innovation in control plane reliability and performance.

  • Anthony C. Longhitano (Middletown, N.J.), for his lifetime contributions to the development and implementation of IP/MPLS, ATM and frame relay communications networks.

  • Kent McCammon (San Ramon, Calif.), for his outstanding technical contributions in broadband access technologies employed in the AT&T
    U-verse TV platform.

  • Raj Savoor (San Ramon, Calif.), for technical innovation and leadership in the design and development of performance and capacity applications.

  • David Shively (Atlanta), for outstanding technical contributions to AT&T's wireless business, including strategic direction for spectrum
    management and radio technologies.

  • Oliver Spatscheck (Florham Park), for invention and innovative application of deep packet inspection application monitoring technology.

  • Marc Sullivan (Austin, Texas), for outstanding technical achievement and leadership in the development of customer-facing aspects of DSL and U-verse IPTV services.