Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alvarion Unveils SentieM for Mobile WiMAX

Alvarion unveiled its "SentieM" technologies designed to comply with the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard and WiMAX Forum Mobile WiMAX specifications, while optimizing the benefits of technologies such as MIMO, Beamforming and SDMA, as well as introduce new capabilities to enhance the overall solution value for operators.

The enhancements aim for better coverage, capacity and throughput per user to operators using Alvarion's end-to-end Mobile WiMAX 4Motion solution. SentieM includes Advanced Antenna and Radio Resource technologies in addition to Distributed Network capabilities, improving the economics for operators and the quality of service for subscribers.

SentieM technologies include:

  • On-demand Collaborative MIMO and Beamforming -- enhances coverage and boosts capacities by intelligently utilizing air interface and radio resources.

  • Subscriber independent SDMA technology directing the radio interface at users that create the most efficient network -- extends cell capacity to any device on the network.

  • Self-learning algorithm for rate adaptation that modifies itself according to variations in the channel's condition -- provides better performance and maximizes capacity.

  • Distributed radio architecture -- enables all base stations to coordinate and negotiate with each other, resulting in less delay, less latency and fast response time.

  • Hierarchical ASN-GW network architecture -- provides network survivability with localized mobility, a key factor when designing and deploying a WiMAX network.
  • High-quality voice service by optimizing scheduling -- allows a higher capacity of users on the network, adaptively managing the air interface and providing superior voice services which are near wire-line in quality.

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