Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces IP Management Appliance

Alcatel-Lucent introduced its VitalQIP Appliance Manager (AM), providing the functionality of its VitalQIP DNS/DHCP and IPAM solution in a new form factor designed for enterprise workgroup applications and for managed services providers (MSPs).

Alcatel-Lucent said the rapid spread of VoIP solutions, the need for improved network security and the prospect of transitioning to IPv6 are driving the demand for advanced IP management capabilities enterprise wide, including at the workgroup.

The new VitalQIP AM enables enterprises to efficiently configure, automate, integrate and administer the Alcatel-Lucent DNS and DHCP appliance across local or global networks. The pre-packaged appliance provides a distributed solution for improving network management efficiency by automating critical IP address services deployment, simplifying remote software upgrades and centralizing additional service management.

The VitalQIP Appliance Management software is a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that allows status monitoring of the appliance to more effectively manage remote services within the network. The software features a central database of appliances and maintains version history by appliance. A preloaded, hardened Red Hat Linux operating system and token-based authentication help ensure security in customer networks.

The software enables automatic version upgrades, secure communication between the management station and the remote appliance, remote starting and stopping of services, DNS "high availability" via "pairs" and complete centralized monitoring all done through a Web-based management GUI.