Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vudu Adds HD Content

VUDU, a start-up offering a movie-on-demand set-top box with content from major studios, announced that it is expanding the high-definition (HD) movies available through the VUDU box.
By the end of January, 70 HD movies will be available for to rent. Playback of the HD movies will be instant provided the Internet connection to the home network is consistently 4 Mbps or greater. Those with lower or fluctuating bandwidth will experience some delay before viewing can begin. VUDU customers will be able to rent HD new releases for $5.99 and HD classics for $3.99.

The HD titles complement the over 5,000 standard definition movies and TV shows currently available from all the major U.S. film studios and more than 22 independent and international film distributors..

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