Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Veraz Migrates Two billion minutes of Legacy Nortel TDM Switch Traffic

Veraz Networks announced a significant milestone -- the company's customers have migrated two billion minutes of legacy Nortel TDM switch traffic to the Veraz ControlSwitch Interconnect Solution by replacing their Nortel legacy DMS switches and/or other TDM switches.

Veraz said its next-generation ControlSwitch can deliver a total return on investment (ROI) in as little as six months, with ongoing operational expense savings. With the Veraz ControlSwitch, operators realize significant savings due to centralized management, routing flexibility, ease of maintenance and enhanced revenue opportunity due to application continuity and enhanced service creation.

The Veraz ControlSwitch enables service providers to replace a network of monolithic switches with a single distributed softswitch. This distributed softswitch enables a single point of service creation and control across the network, whether TDM or IP. Network operators can configure, provision and monitor the network from a single, central point thereby reducing floor space requirements and simplifying upgrades and maintenance. Additional capacity and enhanced services can be added in specific geographic areas on an as-needed basis in order to increase revenue per subscriber.

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