Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Veraz and Apertio Simplify IMS Application Integration

Veraz Networks and Apertio today announce a new IMS solution that combines a consolidated subscriber network database from Apertio with a unified applications view and unified session control from Veraz. The combination of Veraz ControlSwitch-USC and Apertio One-HSS enables communication service providers to integrate existing and new application platforms with their back office systems.

The companies said their joint solution allows providers to maximize service revenue even in complex converged networks. Most significantly, it enables existing operators to offer a unified fixed-mobile IMS network using Veraz ControlSwitch-USC through seamless integration with an Apertio One-HLR (Home Location Register), their own HLR or a legacy HLR from a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) partner.

Veraz ControlSwitch is responsible for the core IMS session control and application interaction management functionalities. Apertio One-HSS acts as a key element for IMS mobility and delivers a single, open, subscriber-centric architecture that unifies customer data typically locked away in proprietary infrastructure. Veraz ControlSwitch communicates with Apertio One-HSS via the Diameter Cx interface, a standard authentication, and authorization and accounting protocol used in IMS.

The joint solution is currently deployed within an IMS reference model at Amdocs' interoperability laboratories together with Amdocs' 3GPP-compliant revenue, customer and service management products. The model demonstrates enhanced real-time charging and provisioning across fixed, mobile, and converged environments.http://www.apertio.comhttp://www.veraznetworks.com