Tuesday, January 8, 2008

UpZide Teams with Tensilica on Multi-Core VDSL2 Modem Chipset

UpZide Labs AB, a start-up developing vectored VDSL2 chipsets, and Tensilica announced an expanded business relationship under which UpZide will take their reference design to market in a chipset using over 50 Xtensa LX2 configurable processors.

"UpZide's team has strong expertise gained from designing several VDSL platforms in various semiconductor technologies, including FPGAs, ASICs and DSPs, since 1995," stated Steve Roddy, Tensilica's vice president of marketing. "As we've worked together over the past two years, UpZide has found that our Xtensa configurable processors are ideal for this project because they can be optimized precisely for this application. This makes them much faster and energy efficient than standard control processors, enabling UpZide to design a processor based solution with the power-area efficiency previously only attainable with hard-coded RTL design methodologies."