Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ubiquisys Offers Femtocell System for Small Offices

Ubiquisys introduced new femtocell systems for small and medium-sized businesses based on its residential product. The ZoneGate E2 modular femtocell system enables Mobile Network Operators to provide users with their own private 3G network access point for better indoor coverage.

The ZoneGate E2 is a modular femtocell system that can be used individually or or in a formation to cover various office layouts. Irrespective of the deployment formation, the femtocells dynamically adapt the coverage between them, and automatically manage handover as employees move around the office whilst on a call. The system connects to the mobile operator's core network through the existing broadband connection.

"Femtocells have long been thought of as a consumer device that provides better quality lower cost mobile coverage in the home - this is no longer the case. Mobile operators can now extend these innovative services to businesses as well." said Will Franks, CTO Ubiquisys.


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