Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Toshiba Adds SIP Trunking of Strata CIX IP Business Systems

Toshiba America Information Systems has added SIP Trunking capabilities to its Strata CIX family of IP business communication systems.
The SIP Trunking capabilities allow the Strata CIX IP business communication system to communicate with a service provider natively over an IP circuit, which can be used to carry voice and data simultaneously. Inside the CIX, the voice is converted to data and sent to the service provider along with the same circuit as the other data packets. Unlike older solutions where a VoIP Gateway is necessary to connect the IP network to the TDM trunks, the Strata CIX system with the MIPU card and SIP Trunking puts the SIP Trunk support natively into the telecommunications system. The same MIPU interface also supports IP stations, remote users, soft phones, WiFi telephones, and Strata Net multi-system networking.

Toshiba begins its nationwide rollout of SIP Trunking capabilities with SIP carriers Cbeyond of Atlanta, Ga., and American Broadband Services (ABS) of Fresno, Calif., and will expand to additional carriers during 2008. http://www.telecom.toshiba.com

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